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Ever tried to make sense of your life, especially your spiritual life?  Ever wonder how God wants to use you?  Ever wonder how the experiences of your life, especially the difficult ones, have uniquely shaped you into someone God can mightily use?  Ever wonder if you are thinking things or engaging in things that hold you back from serving God?  Ever wonder if there are some beliefs, practices and even a plan that could vastly accelerate your spiritual growth and serving?

In just a few weeks, our church is going to offer you something special! It’s a self-discovery process that will help you to answer these questions and many more.

Join us for REFOCUSING,

Friday, March 15th 6:30-9pm


Saturday, March 16th 9am-3pm

(snacks and a lunch provided)

A signup sheet for this amazing and impactful retreat is at the Welcome Center.

This is a free event and for young families there is a generous stipend that can pay for childcare (inquire through the church office at 675-9245).