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Welcome to the our Safe Child on-line refresher test. To be successful taking this test it is important you have a copy of the Safe Child training manual.

You can right click on the manual icon and click the option to “open link in a new window” .  You can also get a paper copy from Pastor April.

Do not leave questions blank. Every question must be answered. Plan to finish the test in one sitting. Answers CAN NOT be saved to finish later. Plan to spend about 30 minutes to take the test, depending on your previous retention of the material.  You will only be contacted if there is a significant problem with your test results. Blessings !

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The following is the Safe Child refresher test. Blessings!

1. What are the three purposes of the safe child policy?

2. Define the following terms:

Child or Youth:

Child abuse:

Sexual abuse:

3. TrueFalse Each person involved with children/youth must have a yearly review of the safe child policy and sign a form indicating whether there have been any changes in their application information.

4. TrueFalse The Six Month Rule is when volunteers should be permitted to work with youth/children only after they have been regular attenders of the church for six months.

5. TrueFalse The Two Worker Rule is where two workers should be present during a youth/child program or activity. One of these must be at least 18 years of age.

6. TrueFalse Spouses and other family members should ideally not work together in a classroom/area unless a third non-related worker is present.

7. TrueFalse Female adults are the only ones allowed to change diapers.

8. TrueFalse If a child comes to you reporting abuse, do not promise the child that you will not tell anyone.

9. Who should you tell if you notice or suspect child abuse?

10. TrueFalse After reporting a suspicion of abuse to the proper person, that information should remain confidential.

11. TrueFalse A volunteer suspected of child abuse will be suspended from all church related responsibilities pending the outcome of any investigation by the proper authorities.

12. List three indicators of physical abuse:

13. List three indicators of physical maltreatment:

14. List three indicators of emotional abuse/maltreatment:

15. List three indicators of sexual abuse:

16. Staff members, volunteer program leaders or any church member providing care for children whether paid or volunteer shall display appropriate conduct at all times. Select Yes, appropriate conduct or Not appropriate for each of the following:

Yes, appropriate conductNot appropriate Sexual contact of any kind, not limited to but including exploitation, molestation, disseminating, exhibiting or displaying pornographic material.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Physical force—unless and only when and to the extent reasonably believed necessary to prevent or terminate the use of force against oneself or another person, or to prevent a suicide or self-inflicted injury. Also, if there is a threat to the physical property of the church or grounds.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Verbally expressing one’s Christian love and affection to another.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Selling, giving, or furnishing any child with any tobacco substance, alcohol, or illegal drug.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Use of obscene, foul, or sexually explicit language.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Demonstrate any romantic or sexual interest in a child.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Remove any clothing from another person, except when appropriately required under necessary circumstances, like changing a diaper.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Wearing of inappropriate (i.e., revealing, sexually suggestive, offensive) or in sufficient (showing intimate parts) clothing.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Kiss any child on the lips or in an intimate area.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Extended or inappropriate hugging or embracing.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Occasionally and appropriately hugging or embracing another person, especially when initiated by the other.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Sleep in the same bed or bedding with any child.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Appropriately holding and comforting another person.

Yes, appropriate conductNot appropriate conduct Sharing emotional and spiritual concerns with another person.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Remain in any building, room, motor vehicle or private place with a child except as permitted in this procedure

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Providing necessary medical care and attention to another person.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Deny anyone, who is not a threat to a child, access into a room, vehicle, or other place in which you are present with a child.

Yes appropriate conductNot appropriate Encouraging another member to appropriately express and share their Christian love.

17. Name four appropriate physical contacts volunteers can employ with a child.

18. TrueFalse Private conversations can create a very high-risk environment for potential abusive situations to arise.

19. List three considerations you should keep in mind when having a private conversation with a child or teen.

20. TrueFalse Youth leaders of one sex may NOT transport youth of the opposite sex unless a parental permission is secured. If a circumstance arises that parental permission cannot be secured, the youth leader should try to find someone else that can be in the car with them or arrange for other transportation for the teen.

21. TrueFalse Physical force may be used only when necessary to prevent or terminate the use of force against one’s self or another person, to prevent suicide or self-inflicted injury, or if there is a threat to church property or grounds.

22. List three things a nursery work is required to do on their shift.

23. TrueFalse Parents/guardians sign their child into the nursery and indicate who is to change the diaper (us or do they want to be paged). They are then given a pager. At pick up time, the pager will be handed back in by the parent/guardian.

24. TrueFalse All drivers/chaperones must be at least 21 years of age, out of high school and final approval is at the discretion of the ministry leader.

25. TrueFalse All drivers, riders, youth and children must be wearing seat belts when the vehicle is in motion.

26. TrueFalse In regards to bathroom procedures, the restroom door must be left open when assisting a child while the adult is present.

27. TrueFalse The best way for children to use the bathroom is going in group.

28. What number of older children may go together to the bathroom?

29. TrueFalse Younger children are only allowed to be helped by adult females, and that person should have another female volunteer visible when assisting, provided there is time!

30. TrueFalse Never go into a bathroom stall to assist a child and close the door.

You should receive a confirmation e-mail that your test was submitted after you click on the send button. If you do not receive it within two days of taking the test, please contact me at Aprilafwc@gmail.com or 675-9245.
Pastor April