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Doug Allen – Worship Director


Born on a dairy farm in Cattaraugus county of Western New York, Doug grew up pulling weeds, picking beans, eating fresh corn on the cob, doing chores, and swimming in the farm pond. And one more thing: singing. Every Saturday my family would gather around the piano and learn a new song for Sunday at church.
A graduate from Gowanda High school in ‘82, Doug went to Houghton College and studied to be a music teacher, minoring in pool, foosball, and ping pong. He started teaching right out of school and spent some time in the fitness industry until moving to Buffalo to work towards a Masters of Music Theater at U.B.
He started working for City Mission Soc. Inc. of Buffalo. and around 1992-93, he sent an audition tape to the appropriate person at the Buffalo Sabres organization and now sings the national anthem at all their home hockey games.
Doug feels very strongly that if God gives you a talent, you better use it for Him, and out of gratefulness, Doug serves Him.

Hunting, Fishing, and wearing a Tux

Favorite Food
Ice Cream, Cookies, Pie, & Whipped Cream!

Favorite Scripture
Ephesians 5

Favorite Movie
Facing the Giants, Karate Kid, Star Wars

Thoughts on Ministry
Focus on Christ, get to know Him, Christ is ALL. The rest can just muddy the water.

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