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Our room is all set there is lots to see and do!  Before we start to play we need to have calendar time, chart the weather, and sing some preschool songs!



September is an exciting month!  We start the year off by talking about how special we are and painting a mural for all of our friends to enjoy.

We chart our birthdays and decorate our cakes.



God made each one of us special and loves us very much.  We talk about the circle and make our faces to enjoy as a tasty snack!


We enjoy catching bugs in our bug jars and talking about ladybugs, crickets, ants, grasshoppers, bees, and flies.  On the day we talked about flies, we read the book, There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.  We made the old woman and retold the story for craft.

old lady and fly

Our sensory table is filled with dirt and we hunt for creepy crawlies!


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