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FELLOWSHIP WESLEYAN CHURCH 716-675-9245 1645 Southwestern Blvd., West Seneca, NY 14224FELLOWSHIP WESLEYAN CHURCH
Lori Draear – Teacher Helper, Four Year Olds

I have been working at Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool since 2002. I have worked many years with children ranging in age 3 to 18 and have found four years olds to be the perfect age. Their little minds are truly like sponges and it is amazing what they absorb each preschool day. Their sense of humor is the one thing we have in common. Laughter makes play and learning fun. I look forward to each year getting these “little people” ready to begin their journey into Kindergarten. When I am not at preschool, I spend my time reading, bike riding, cross stitching and enjoying time with my family.

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