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Welcome to the our Safe Child on-line refresher test. To be successful taking this test it is important you have a copy of the Safe Child training manual.

You can right click on the manual icon and click the option to “open link in a new window” .  You can also get a paper copy from Pastor April.

Do not leave questions blank. Every question must be answered. Plan to finish the test in one sitting. Answers CAN NOT be saved to finish later. Plan to spend about 30 minutes to take the test, depending on your previous retention of the material.  You will only be contacted if there is a significant problem with your test results. Blessings !

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Has any of the above information changed since the last review? What? (required)

Within the last year, have you: (Newly required by our insurance company)
• Been arrested for any reason? YesNo
• Been convicted of, or pleaded guilty or no contest to, any crime? YesNo
• Engaged in, or been accused of, any child molestation, exploitation, or abuse? YesNo

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” please explain in detail:

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The following is the Safe Child refresher test. Blessings!

Match the terms with the definitions below:
A. Adult B. Staff member C. Child or Youth D. Volunteer assistant worker
E. Child abuse F. Sexual abuse G. Volunteer Worker

A person at least 18 years of age.
A person under 18 years of age.
Harm or threatened harm to a child’s health or welfare which occurs through non-accidental physical or mental injury; sexual abuse, sexual molestation, sexual exploitation; dissemination, exhibiting or displaying pornographic material to children.
Engaging in any sexual contact with a child; the sexual exploitation or molestation of any person, and/or disseminating, exhibiting or displaying pornographic material regardless of whether such conduct is with or without the knowledge or consent of the other person.
Any person serving at Fellowship Wesleyan Church in an official paid capacity, including Fellowship Wesleyan Preschool director, teachers, and assistants.
An adult who is authorized to provide a service or otherwise act on behalf of the church, whether in a paid or volunteer capacity.
A person 12-17 years old who is authorized to act in a supportive capacity alongside a Volunteer Worker.

Fill in the blanks:
Volunteer worker (18 year old and older) will complete the and , at least one personal interview, and reference and .

Volunteer Assistant workers (12- 17 years old) will complete the and at least one personal interview, and .

*New to the policy, page 5*, If a registered sex offender begins to attend Fellowship Wesleyan Church. He/she will be asked to commit to a with the church.
List the 6 stipulations of the covenant:

Volunteers should be permitted to work with youth/children only after they have been regular attenders of the church for .

The rule: two workers should be present during a youth/child program or activity.

Do not promise the child that you will anyone, if a child tells you about abuse.

Report all suspicions of abuse or maltreatment to: .

Any worker who is a suspect in an abuse or maltreatment incident, will be from all church-related responsibilities pending the outcome of an by the proper authorities.

Matching abuse with their indicators
A. Physical abuse B. Emotional abuse/maltreatment C. Physical maltreatment D. Sexual abuse

Unexplained injuries
Indirect hints that allude to problems.
Bald spots and scalp bruises (caused by hair pulling).
Dramatic emotional swings.
Overly aggressive or withdrawn.
Poor relationships with other youth/children.
Under-fed or constantly hungry.
Anti-social or destructive behavior.
Constantly unclean/poor hygiene.
Low self-esteem.
Unattended medical needs.
Acting out adult sexual behaviors.

Name three behaviors a volunteer shall not engage in with program participants:

Name three behaviors a volunteer shall engage in with program participants:

Side hugs or casual hugs are positive contact and we them.

Encourage children and over to sit next to you, rather than on your lap.

Gentle contact during activities may be on children’s, , and .

Anyone working with our children/youth shall from giving back-rubs.

Private conversations create a very high-risk environment for potential abuse situations to arise.

They create an ideal opportunity for:

Name three ways to reduce the risk of an allegation of abuse in a situation:

may be used only when necessary to prevent or terminate the use of force against one’s self or another person, or to prevent suicide or self-inflicted injury. Also, if there is a threat to church property or grounds.

Nursery volunteers are expected to be in the nursery minutes prior to services or church functions.

If Nursery volunteers are unable to fulfill their commitment, volunteers should attempt to with another regularly scheduled nursery worker.

The adult is to supervise both the infants/toddlers and the youth helpers, making sure the of the children using the nursery is foremost.

All drivers/chaperones must be at least years of age, have a driving record and at the of the ministry leader.

We require that a parent (or a person pre designated by the parent) come to the area of ministry and their children (nursery through 5th grade).

If for some reason going to the restroom in a is not possible, a volunteer may the child to the bathroom, or older children may go together.

go into a bathroom stall with the door closed.

Younger children are only allowed to be helped by an adult , and every efforts should be made that another volunteer is visible when assisting.

You should receive a confirmation e-mail that your test was submitted after you click on the send button. If you do not receive it within two days of taking the test, please contact me at or 675-9245.
Pastor April


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