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FELLOWSHIP WESLEYAN CHURCH 716-675-9245 1645 Southwestern Blvd., West Seneca, NY 14224FELLOWSHIP WESLEYAN CHURCH

Please note, our small groups and spiritual formation  classes have been cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus. Please visit our COVID-19 page for up to date cancellations and announcements. 

The Best way to get connected at FWC is through a small group!

Best Years Fellowship is a gathering of friends ages 55 and up for a time of food and fellowship. The next meeting is Wednesday, March 18th, 12pm at ECC North Culinary School. A sign up is available at the Welcome Center with a map for directions. If you have any questions, please contact Liz Cotton at 675-3597.

The church needs you. Not because it needs people to fill positions within the organization, but because YOU are an important and integral part of the body of Christ. You have a significant contribution to make. You have a ministry in the church and a mission in the world. 

Healthy churches are functioning on the basis of gift-based ministry teams. They have systems in place for personal discovery and ministry connection. They are intentional and they are individual. Network will help increase your spiritual power in and through the local church. 

Doing gift-based ministry is not optional. It is biblical. It is God’s operating system for His church. Diligently serve as you have been created and called to do and you will glorify God and edify others!

Watch for more information to come from the Empowering Leadership Task Force Team. If you have any questions, please contact Susan Beyer, Debbie Flanagan, Jean English, Ellen Pries, Jim Burrell and Gary Glose.)

A reminder to all teachers, if you need to cancel your class on Sunday mornings, please contact Pastor April Allen, Cairn Marrale, Jean English or Beth Lockwood. 

All Spiritual Formation Classes are held in our Education Wing.

Adult Classes-  9:00am Service-
In Rooms 7B & C
, a study of Colossians by John MacArthur.

Men’s Class- In the Church Office, The Quest For Authentic Manhood by Robert Lewis. This 24 week study gives men a sense of their own masculine identity, giving them a personal manhood vision as well as insight into what God had in mind when He first brought man into the world. 

Adult Class- In the library (Room 8), A study on the book of Acts. 

Ladies Class- in Room 9A, A study on the book of Acts. This is a different study than what is currently being offered in the Adult class in the library. 

10:30am Service
Adult Class- In the library, (Room 8), a 13 week study through the Wesley Adult Bible Series: Christ Alone; The Supremacy of The Gospel from Hebrews 1-13. This class emphasizes scripture, personal holiness and life application along with discussion questions for an in-depth Bible study experience. 

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