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Our Curriculum

Our monthly units provide central themes tying together our daily class activities. Each theme will help teach math and literacy skills. Our units, by month (with Bible stories) are:

3-Year Old’s

I’m Me – I’m Special, Our Five Senses, Calendar, Parts of our Bodies (ex. Eyes, nose, shoulders), Teddy Bears, Manners, Apples. We will be learning about the letters S and T, number 1, the color red, and triangles. (Story of Creation)

Squirrels, Pumpkins and The Fall Season, Leaves, Fire Safety, and Bats. Children will also learn to recognize their names. We will be learning about the letters O and H, number 2, the color orange, and circles. (The Light of Jesus)

The Fall Season, Leaves, Food, Family, Thanksgiving, and Indians. We will be learning about the letters N and I, number 3, the color brown, and triangle. (The Boy Who Shared His Lunch)

Families, Christmas Traditions, Trains, and the Birth of Jesus. We will be learning about the letters P and D, number 4, the color red, and triangle, star, and square. (The Birth of Jesus)

Colors, The Winter Season, Penguins, and Snowmen. We will be learning about the letters W and J, number 5, the color white, and circles. (Daniel and the Lion’s Den)

Nursery Rhymes, Dental Health, Valentine’s Day. We will be learning about the letters F and V, number 6, the color pink, and ovals and hearts. (Jesus Loves the Little Children)

Wind and Weather, Hot Air Balloons, Spring. We will be learning about the letters E and M, number 7, the color blue, and rectangles. (The Wind that Obeyed)

Spring, Frogs, Baby Animals, Birds, Rain, Growing Plants and Easter. We will be learning about the letters A and B, number 8, the color green, and circles. (The Easter Story)

Farm Animals, Ocean, Boats, Butterflies, Ladybugs, and Bubbles. We will be learning about the letter L, numbers 9 and 10, the color purple, and circles. (Noah’s Ark)

Each month the children and their parents are invited on a field trip that coincides with our monthly themes. Some examples of the field trips are: Children in Action, Lossen Park, The Buffalo Zoo, and Explore and more.


15 minutes – Circle Time: The children are greeted by teachers and settle into circle time. The teachers direct the class with a topical activity: finger play, songs, calendar, weather chart, etc. This time encourages participation and interaction between teachers and children.

45 minutes – Center Time: The children have time experimenting with creative materials for an art experience, a housekeeping center, library center, block center, and learning centers such as letters, numbers, or a theme center. The primary goal of this time is to develop small motor skills, creativity and social skills. This time is also used for small group instruction on cutting, painting, formation of letters, numbers, and small motor skills.

10 minutes – Clean-up Time: Cleanup of rooms, hand washing and bathroom time.

15 minutes – Song Time: Sing songs, complete finger plays, and interact with records, CD’s, and musical instruments.

15 minutes – Language Arts: Storytelling or reading, puppets, flannel board etc.

15 minutes – Snack Time: A time to enjoy a nutritious snack with children preparing their own from time to time.

15 minutes – Learning Time: Structured small group activities related to units of study (colors, seasons, numbers, etc.)

20 minutes – Large Muscle Time: An opportunity to use large muscles in free or directional play, games – inside or outside, weather permitting, playground, snow play and parachute.

5 minutes – Closing Time: A relaxed time for end of the day sharing and singing.


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