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The children used sponges to sponge paint a leaf.  We hung the leaves up from the ceiling for our Preschool Open House.



We had a special dad from our preschool family who is a firefighter come into our three year old classroom.  He showed the children a lot of the tools they use in a fire and dressed up in his fireman suit and equipment.  He did this to show the children not to be scared if they should ever see them in case of a fire.  We also made a special fire truck snack which was made of graham crackers, strawberry cream cheese, pretzel sticks, round crackers and red grapes.   The kids made them themselves before they ate it.





As part of our leaf theme, we painted the children’s right hands and top part of their arm to make a tree.  Once they dried, we had them crumple leaves to glue in the tree and glue grass on the bottom of the paper to make their fall picture.



threes 3



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